MJXJ Type Coarse Coal Mud Interference Bed Sorting


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MJXJ type coarse coal mud interference bed sorting machine is a new generation of high-efficiency coarse coal slime sorting equipment developed by our institute on the basis of years of research on particle interference settlement theory and learning from the advanced experience of foreign coarse coal slurry sorting machine.


Equipment process parameters and characteristics

This series of equipment has a hierarchical sorting function, a square sorting machine and a circular sorting machine. The effect of coal industry use proves that the sorting density range is 1.35~1.90g/cm3, the effective sorting size range is 2~0.3mm, the possible deviation Ep value is 0.08~0.12 g/cm3, and the quantity efficiency is over 90%. Moreover, the device has the advantages of all investment, short construction period, low operating cost and high automation.


Unique advantages

Hydraulic grading cyclone and up flow separator are integrated design, compact equipment, saving plant volume and capital investment.
Unique square structure design, large processing capacity per unit area, less tailings discharge valve, and equipment investment.
Unique pressure chamber design - The cloth water pipe and the cloth water nozzle on the water board together produce a rising water flow, which enhances the uniformity of the rising water flow and improves the sorting effect.
It can realize the online backwash function of the non-stop pressure chamber in production (patented product).

Model and main technical parameters