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XJM-S Flotation Machine


XJM-S flotation machine is a self-aspirating mechanical agitating flotation machine. It is a coal slurry flotation equipment developed by our company. The practice shows that not only the performance of the whole machine reaches the same level of foreign products, but also has the characteristics of large processing capacity, high reliability, strong adaptability, simple operation, and saving of chemicals, which can completely replace imported products. Under the premise of the same performance, compared with foreign products, it has the advantages of low price of the whole machine, low cost of accessories, timely and convenient after-sales service, and short supply period. Up to now, the single-slot volume has 13 specifications such as 4~90m³ which are available for selection.


Mainly used for flotation of <0.5mm granular grade slime and other minerals.


Technical characteristics

  1. Self-priming air mechanical agitation type, suitable for flotation of <0.5mm granular grade slime;
  2. High inflation uniformity, good flotation selectivity and reliable operation;
  3. The energy consumption of similar products is low and at best;
  4. At present, it has promoted more than 1,000 sets, which is an ideal replacement product for flotation machines.