EBZ260 Boom-type Shearer


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Main abilities
• The installed power of the whole machine is between 55 (repairing machine) ~444kw, cutting power 100 ~ 260kw;
• Adapt to roadway excavation and repair width range: 3.0 ~ 6.0m, height range: 2.0 ~ 5.0m;
• It is suitable for the excavation and repair construction of full coal roadway, semi-coal rock roadway, and full rock roadway. The working slope is -16~+16°, and the shearer production capacity is 150~280t/h.

Main features
• Under the same cutting power conditions, the cutting head has low speed, large output torque and large single-blade cutting force;
• Large machine re-dispensing ratio and high stability, especially when faults and rocks are broken, the vibration is small and the advantages are very obvious;
• Large driving force, the driving force of the general machine is 70% to 80% of the weight of the machine, and the driving force designed by our unit is about 100% of the weight, so the climbing ability is strong, up to 18~20°;
• The EBZ110-230 model walking mechanism adopts the form of non-supported wheel, which has simple structure and reliable performance, and obviously reduces the failure rate.
• The full range of excavating electrical control systems has data and fault memory functions that can record operating parameters and fault conditions of the electronic control system.
• Yanxiang shearer configuration integrated reliable imported (Italy) internal spray pump station, applying a new internal spray dust removal technology, pressure up to 8 ~ 10Mpa.
• Yanxiang shearer has infrared human body detection alarm and humanized voice prompt function to realize safe operation and humanized operation.
• The rock shearer uses the rigid design concept of the whole machine to control harmful clearances and greatly improve the impact resistance of rock cutting.
• The research and application of high-reliability, high-reliability, and high-reliability cutting-reducer with planetary gear drive of Yanxiang shearers have increased the carrying capacity by more than 30% year-on-year.
• The coal roadway repair machine has a multi-purpose machine, a wide range of operation, good compatibility, a strong function expansion capability, and a multi-function machine. It can be equipped with quick-change tools such as front shovel, back shovel, side unloading shovel and breaker.