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Product introduction:

Displaced and semi-displaced belt conveyor are used in open pit mining and dumping work surfaces, and belt transfer equipment that can be displaced as required. The conveyor should make lateral displacement or extend and shorten its length according to the displacement of the work surfaces. Because this kind of conveyor is operated in the open air and is frequently displaced, its structure should be adapted to the local climate and ground conditions. The equipment should have a fixed foundation and the specific pressure to the ground should be small. According to the mining and dumping process design, the position and route of the conveyance can be changed along with changes in the working face of excavating and excavating machinery and equipment, and at the same time, it is not necessary to disassemble the machinery, electrical equipment and tape, and the whole machine can be moved and set in the whole machine. At the same time as relocation, the lifting height can reach 155m or more, and it can realize multi-direction conveying of one machine. It has many advantages such as high efficiency, low cost, safe work, labor saving and easy automation. It has become a new type of high-efficiency and economical transportation tool in open-pit mining.



The basic structure of the displaced and semi-displaced belt conveyor consists of three parts: nose, tail and middle rack:

1. The head is divided into two types: self-propelled or non-autonomous;

2. The tail is divided into three types: conveyor belt drive device, conveyor belt drive device and belt tension device;

3. the middle rack is divided into two types: with two types of rails and without rails;

The displacements of the displaced and semi-displaced belt conveyors are divided into parallel transfer, fan transfer, and joint transfer.