The intelligent upgrading and technical transformation project of Xiwan Opencast Coal Mine contracted by Beijing Huayu has passed the acceptance
2023-02-28 14:10:50.0

Recently, Xiwan Open-pit Coal Mine auxiliary production system intelligent upgrading and coal preparation plant intelligent upgrading technical transformation project contracted by Beijing Huayu EPC of China Coal Science passed acceptance smoothly. After upgrading and transformation, real-time dynamic monitoring of production process of coal preparation plant, intelligent operation and intelligent truck loading and shipping functions were realized, which provided Huayu scheme for the first batch of intelligent demonstration open-pit coal mine in China. It marks that Beijing Huayu has made new progress in the application of intelligent coal preparation plant technology.

Shenyan Coal Xiwan Open-pit Coal Mine is the first national intelligent demonstration open-pit coal mine of the National Energy Group. Intelligent upgrading of auxiliary production system contracted by Beijing Huayu EPC and technical improvement project of intelligent upgrading of coal preparation plant are important components of the intelligent construction of the coal mine. Since assuming the tasks, Beijing Huayu has persisted in following the national overall development strategy and the requirements of smart mine construction as a guide, persisting in customer demand-oriented, innovation-driven, fully mobilizing the integration of automation, informatization and intelligence, completed the construction of more than 20 sub-projects of intelligent upgrading technology, and provided technical support for building world-class safe, efficient, green and intelligent coal mine. Achieve the overall goal of "reducing personnel, increasing safety and improving efficiency".

Among them, the intelligent lifting project of auxiliary production system carries out intelligent lifting technical renovation for dozens of sub-projects such as transformer and distribution station, mine water treatment system and industrial site water treatment system, and builds a comprehensive integrated management and control system for water sump pumping, sump drainage, sewage treatment plant purified water and intelligent distribution of ground water resources in open pit coal mine, which lays a solid foundation for building a green mine.

Through more than ten sub-projects such as intelligent robots, intelligent loading and transporting system, intelligent video system and three-dimensional visualization system, the intelligent integrated production control system has been built, the production and management mode of coal preparation has been optimized, and the transformation to unattended minor patrol, intelligent control, automatic system acquisition and large data analysis has been realized, which comprehensively improves the intelligent decision-making and management of coal preparation plant. Objective of effective management capability and level.