CCTEG Shanghai Research Institute fills the gap in the domestic inner rotor permanent magnet drive drum market
2022-04-18 16:47:21.0

Recently, the factory test of a new generation of inner rotor integrated permanent magnet drive drum developed by the Transportation Machinery Research Center of CCTEG Shanghai Co., Ltd. has been successfully completed, and the underground industrial test is about to be carried out. This is a key step in the industrialization of permanent magnet technology for the domestic coal mine belt conveyor market, filling the gap in the inner rotor permanent magnet drive drum market.



As a new generation of permanent magnet drum products, the inner rotor permanent magnet drum has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, high efficiency, high reliability, convenient installation, and takes into account the cost performance and convenient maintenance. This product is especially suitable for large-capacity long-distance multi-point drive belt conveyors and non-foundation trough belt conveyors. Users do not need to develop driving chambers or reduce the development amount of driving chambers, greatly reducing roadway construction costs. very economical.