Blank of realizing comprehensive mechanization, safe and efficient mining of steep inclined thin seam by CCTEG Shanghai Research Institute
2023-02-28 14:21:27.0

Recently, MG2 developed by China Coal Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai Coal Industry Co., Ltd. for steep inclined and thin seam mining × Model 160/730-WD3 Shearer has completed trial production at 65 degree steep inclined working face of Xiaoniu Coal Mine in Guizhou Province. After a short period of more than 10 days, 8000 tons of raw coal have been produced accumulatively, and the mining of working face has advanced smoothly.

The application of the shearer significantly improves the output, labor efficiency and economic benefit of working face, effectively reduces labor intensity and improves safety guarantee capability of coal mine, fills the blank that comprehensive mechanized mining can not be realized in steep inclined coal seams in Shuicheng District, demonstrates large-scale, economic and safe mining of steep inclined coal seams in Guizhou and even in China, and receives positive reports from Guizhou Daily. According to the appraisal of China Coal Industry Association, the scientific and technological achievements of this type of shearer have reached the leading international level!

Xiaoniu Coal Mine belongs to Jiangsu Coal Guizhou Mining Group Co., Ltd. with a designed production capacity of 600,000 t/year. As the coal seam inclination of this mine is 58 ~65 and the coal seam inclination is large, the flexible shield support blasting technology has been mainly used for a long time, with low productivity and poor economic benefits, averaging about 8000 tons per month.

In order to solve this problem which has puzzled the industry for many years, Shanghai Coal Science Department actively carries out scientific research and explores the key technologies and equipment of the mining machine for steeply inclined and thin seams, and independently develops the high-end equipment and MG2 for safe and efficient mining of 65 degree steeply inclined and thin seams. × 160/730-WD3 electric traction double drum shearer has developed a compact large torque traction traveling and its control system to meet the demand of cutting and traction on steep inclined working face and realize heavy load speed regulation and load balance. Adaptive control technology of start-stop holding moment based on steep inclination of working face was developed to ensure smooth start-stop operation and effective braking of steep inclined working face shearer. Large torque wet hydraulic brake was developed to ensure safe stop of steep inclined working face shearer. The bi-directional active and precise lubrication system for rocker arm is developed, with good lubrication effect, key problems such as high-position transmission lubrication of rocker arm in steep inclination state are solved, and the reliability of rocker arm drive system is guaranteed.