The project of CCTEG Shanghai Research Institute Robot Laser Disk Library System was praised by customers
2023-02-28 13:59:04.0

Recently,CCTEG Shanghai Research Institute received a "thank you letter" from China Minmetals Mining (Anhui) Development Co., Ltd. and Luzhong Mining Co., Ltd., in which the SMR-LR robot laser magazine system developed by the artificial intelligence innovation team was highly praised. It said that the system was advanced in technology, improved in accuracy, effectively solved many pain points and difficult problems in the industry, and its comprehensive performance was at the leading level at home and abroad!

The robot laser disk library system solves the blind area problem of a single excitation scanner in complex scenes by using multiple laser radar splicing technology; Self-developed automatic dust-proof and dedusting function can solve the problem of reliable scanning in the high dust environment of the refined iron ore silo; AI material identification technology, which integrates high-definition visual images, has solved the problem of automatic independent inventory in the case of multiple materials mixing in the ore bin for the first time in the industry. In addition, the system also has the functions of fast speed, high precision, supporting multiple data acquisition methods, historical data storage and backtracking. At the same time, the unmanned aerial vehicle independent overhead inventory function configured in the system can realize the rapid inventory of large area and panoramic, and has a huge market prospect in the application of bulk materials, open storage yard, material level silo and other scenarios.

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