The Mine Accident and Occupational Disease Hazard Analysis and Appraisal Laboratory constructed by the Coal Academy of Sciences passed the acceptance of the Emergency Management Department
2022-01-12 16:52:07.0

Recently, the Planning and Finance Department of the Ministry of Emergency Management organized experts in Beijing to inspect the “Laboratory for Analysis and Identification of Mine Roof and Rock Burst Accidents” undertaken by the Academy of Coal Sciences.

The expert group listened to the report, checked the relevant materials, and checked the operation of the laboratory equipment on the spot. They agreed that the laboratory has completed all the construction contents, and the comprehensive technical level has reached the international leading level, and agreed to pass the acceptance.

The "Laboratory for Analysis and Identification of Mine Roof and Rock Burst Accidents" has built a total of 6 sets of test systems and 26 sets of equipment, including the physical and mechanical properties testing system for deep coal and rock masses under high temperature and high pressure. Among them, the GCTS high-performance rock mechanics test system is the test machine with the largest axial load in China, and the uniaxial load can reach 4600kN; the similar simulation test system for the failure of the deep coal rock roof structure is the only large-scale coal mine in China that can realize horizontal and front and rear rotation at the same time. Petrophysical similarity simulation device. The advanced technical capabilities of both systems are highly recognized by experts.

The construction and operation of the laboratory has further improved the analysis and identification capabilities of my country's coal mine roof and rock burst accidents. It has provided strong support for the formulation (revision) of technical specifications, accident investigation and analysis, and scientific experimental research.