The country's first unmanned monorail crane was successfully tested in Shannengdi Town Coal Mine.
2020-12-15 01:39:00.0

<p><br/></p><p>As the ground controller clicked the mouse, the monorail crane in the Zhaizhen Coal Mine of Shanneng New Mine started slowly. The material was successfully delivered to the designated location. This means that the 13 traditional monorail crane locomotives that run through the mine&#39;s tunnel for one kilometer will gradually withdraw from the historical stage. It will be replaced by a safer and more advanced intelligent unmanned lithium battery monorail crane.</p><p><br/></p><p><img src="//" title="1608014226383894.jpg" alt="微信图片_20201215134840.jpg" width="305" height="192" style="width: 305px; height: 192px;"/><img src="//" title="1608014276463330.jpg" alt="微信图片_20201215134845.jpg" width="359" height="190" style="width: 359px; height: 190px;"/></p><p><br/></p><p>The monorail crane is an indispensable key part of mine production services. Responsible for the transportation task of mining and production materials. It can be described as a &quot;highway&quot; for underground transportation. However, it is affected by the width, height, and slope of the roadway. Its special design structure has certain safety hazards.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Zhaizhen Coal Mine and Xinsha Monorail Equipment Co., Ltd. independently compiled a complete set of PLC control programs. It has functions such as precise positioning, turnout interlocking, air door interlocking, mobile video monitoring, safety detection, data monitoring, and intelligent dispatching. The problems of real-time positioning, real-time information transmission, and real-time response control are solved. Realize the precise positioning and automatic operation of the locomotive.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Xue Deqiang, director of the electromechanical mine of Zhaizhen Coal Mine, introduced that the unmanned monorail crane uses explosion-proof lithium batteries as the power source. Endurance reaches 19 kilometers. It has the unparalleled advantages of traditional lead-acid batteries such as long life, large capacity and no pollution. Compared with traditional manned vehicles, it can save 18 workers and reduce 30 risk points and hidden dangers. Completely eliminate the risk of electric shock and enhance the safety factor. Improve transportation efficiency by more than 30%.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&quot;The country&#39;s first unmanned monorail crane was successfully applied in the Zhaizhen Coal Mine, marking a solid step forward from&#39;mechanized substitution&#39; to&#39;intelligent unmanned&#39;. Next, we will focus on smart working face and remote control Key points such as heading heads, unmanned transportation lines, and centralized control consoles. Fully promote smart production to reduce personnel, improve efficiency, and reduce personnel security. To ensure the realization of mine safety, stability and sustainable development.&quot; said Wei Wen, director of the Zhaizhen Coal Mine.</p><p><br/></p>