Application of 5G communication technology in industrial explosive packaging system to realize remote monitoring
2023-02-28 14:55:44.0

Recently, the project of "5G-based intelligent packaging technology and complete equipment for industrial explosives", a major scientific and technological special project of Huaibei City, undertaken by the Chongqing Research Institute of China Coal Science and Technology, passed the acceptance. The equipment applies 5G communication technology in the industrial explosive packaging system for the first time, realizing real-time and remote monitoring of the packaging process, and improving the informatization and intelligence level of the equipment.

Intelligent supervision platform for industrial explosives based on 5G

In view of the problems of excessive number of operators in the industrial explosive packaging system, small production capacity, complex procedures for changing varieties and specifications, and low level of informatization and intelligence, the project carried out three key technology research, including "material handling and stacking technology", "robot intelligent grabbing technology" and "intelligent supervision technology based on 5G network". Through the intelligent material handling and stacking technology, the whole line of the drug coils can be sorted, and the disordered drug coils can be returned to be sorted again. The production process requires no operators, which improves the production efficiency and reliability of the material handling. The packaging capacity of the whole system shall not be less than 8t/h; The original robot round-the-circle stacking and grasping technology has realized a set of mechanical grippers to meet the packing requirements of 25-150 mm diameter drug rolls. The procedure for changing the variety and specification is simple, and the grasping frequency is low, and the drug roll release drop is small, which effectively solves the problems such as the difficulty of grasping or breaking the drug roll and falling off the buckle.

Intelligent packaging system for industrial explosives

This technical achievement has been applied in Anhui Xiangke Chemical Co., Ltd., which is of great significance for promoting the intrinsic safety of civil explosive production equipment and ensuring the healthy, coordinated and sustainable development of civil explosive equipment and technology.

Chongqing Research Institute will focus on the industrial pattern of "one base, two wings and three new", and actively explore new technologies for intelligent development of civil explosive equipment on the basis of in-depth study and judgment of intelligent manufacturing and market information and intelligent demand of civil explosive industry.